The Alphington Archives

This will be an archive of all my Alphington historical research work which is carried out in libraries, on line, reading old books, Parish magazine and newspapers.
Village memories are collected from Alphington residents.

Brief History of Alphington
Alphington's Crosses
Alphington's Market Gardens, Orchards and other gardens
Alphington's Mills
Alphington's Nature
Ancient Alphington
Field Names in the Parish of Alphington
Floods in Alphington
Ide and Alphington Agricultural Association Annual Ploughing Matches
Tales from Alphington's Fairs
Turnpike Roads in and around Alphington

Alphington's Farms, Houses and Cottages
Alden's Farm
Alphington's farms at the end of the Parish – Wheatley Farm, Andrews Farm, Webby's Farm, Pole House Farm, Mark's Farm, Pocombe Farm/Pocombe Bridge Farm
Alphington House (The Manor House)
Alphington Place
Babb's Court
Belle Ville later Fairfax House
Bishop's Place/Bishop's Farm
Bridge House and Bridge Cottage
Buscove Cottages
Caroline Place
Carpenter's Farm
Cartwheels (Flint Cottages) and Bartletts
Cross[e] House
Devonia Terrace
Exe View House and Exe View Cottage
Gidley's Farm and Sobey's Farm
Hatherleigh House and Cottages
Lamp Cottage and other cottages situated between the Bell Inn and Caroline Place
Laural Cottage (Ide Lane)
Little John Cross House formerly the King William Inn
Marsh Barton
Matford Farm and Matford Brook/Brigley Cottages
Mayne's, Loram's, Brookland's, later Burt's Cottages
Mitchell's Cottages, later becoming Cross Cottage, Chestnut Cottage and Cross Laundry
Mile End Cottage
Moss Cottage, Iron John's Farm, Cedar Cottage
Pixie Cottage
Rock House
Rolls Bridge Farm and Cottages
Rosemont House
Shillingford Hill
The Briars
The Church House
The Elms
The Laurals/Ide Lodge
The Lodge/Alphington Lodge
The Red Lion public house/Red Lion Cottages later Sobey's Cottages including The Chilley's and cottages
Tozer's Cottage
Wandrake/Mandrake Farm House
Westwood Farm and Eastwood Farm
Willow Cottage/Lodge, Brooklands, Rose Cottage (Church Road)

Alphington's Lanes
Clapperbrook Lane

Alphington's Inns
Site of Alphingtons' old Post Office and the original New Inn
Burgoyne's, Old Bell, Bell Inn, Admiral Vernon
The Red Lion Inn, see The Red Lion public house/Red Lion Cottage (Alphington's Farms, Houses and Cottages)
The King William Inn, see Little John Cross House (Alphington's Farms, Houses and Cottages)
The Double Locks Inn/Hotel, see The Exeter Canal and surrounding area (Alphington's Waterways)
The Salmon Pool Inn, see The Exeter Canal and surrounding area (Alphington's Waterways)

Alphington's Waterways
The Exeter Canal and surrounding area, including The Double Locks Inn/Hotel, Salmon Pool Tea House/Inn, Bromhams Farm and Spring Gardens/Reynolds Farm
Alphington's Brooks, Streams and Springs

Alphington's Churches
Alphington Church General History
Alphington Church Inside
Alphington Church Outside
Alphington Church Bells
Alphington Church Rectors
Alphington Church Restoration and Re-opening 1876–1878
Alphington Church Stories
Brief History of Alphington Methodist Church

Charm of Years gone by
Humourous Alphington Stories and Village Characters
Memories and Stories from Alphington Halt and the Teign Valley Railway Line
A Journey along the Teign Valley Railway Line from Heathfield Station to Alphington Halt
Remembering VE Day Celebrations in Alphington on 8th May 1945
War-time Memories

Residents of Alphington
Alphington Memorials from the Wars
Charles Babbage
Charles Dickens
Christmas and Birthdays with the Kekewich Family
Educating Alphingtonians
The Alphington Ponies

Alphington's Societies and Groups
The Alphington Choral Society
Ye Olde Admiral Vernon Mustard Club

Alphington Animals
The Alphington Rough Collies

Sport at Alphington
The Speedway Track at Alphington

Alphington On-line History Group
Alphington On-line History Group – about and how to join; it is free!
Member's Memories
I am most grateful to the members for allowing me to publish their memories of Alphington on this site
Memories of Alphington during the War and the Exeter Blitz
Memories of some of Alphington's Shops

Recent History
Alphington New Woodland
The snowy Christmas of 2010

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