Bishop's Place/Bishop's Farm

Bishop's Place use to be situated in Ide Lane. I found a land tax record dated 1798 for Bishop's Place, 'Mr Walkey for Bishop's Place Mr Chown £4 6s 1d.' The Alphington Tithe Map shows Benjamin Walkey as the land owner for Bishop's Place and Christopher Chown as the occupier. The land at that time stretched over two acres and had two gardens and one orchard.

Records for the early 1840s show Christopher Chown as a farmer living in the first part of Bishop's Place with his family and possibly three members of staff. Christopher was christened on the 22nd August 1804 and his parents were Charles and Elizabeth Chown. Christopher married Jehosheba Alice Townsend on the 2nd May 1827. In the second part of Bishop's Place William Chown and his family were the occupiers. William Chown had married Elizabeth Chown on the 7th September 1815.

In the 1850s and 1860s William Floyde and his family lived in Bishop's Place. He was a farmer of 75 acres employing two boys to help him, I assume that the farm land was somewhere else in the village and not attached to Bishop's Place.

By the 1870s John, William's son, was recorded as the resident and he was a balif.

In the early 1890s Bishop's Place was once more recorded as two cottages. Richard Perkins, a wheelwright, and his family live in one and William ?? (name unreadable on the record), an agricultural labourer, and his family lived in the second cottage.

In the very early 1900s William Perkins, a general builder, and his family lived in one cottage and Richard Ash, a shepherd, and his family lived in the second cottage.

Another farm labourer was recorded at Bishop's Court in 1911, Abraham Selley and his family.

A much later record from 1950 shows the two cottages in the occupation of Mr P. S. Dadd from the 3rd November 1927. This ties in beautifully with memories of Bishop's Place that were kindly passed onto me by a village gentleman.

The Walkey Family of Alphington and Bishop's Place

Samuel Walkey was born in 1643 and married Frances who died in 1678 records show her burial in Alphington church on 7th November 1678. Samuel then married Sarah in about 1681 and their children were: Samuel II born in 1687 in Illminster Somerset, christened in Alphington on the 8th November 1687 and married Mary Raw on 3rd May 1715; Sarah born in 1682, christened on 22nd December 1682 and married Thomas Hall, Sarah was buried in Alphington Church; Elizabeth born in 1686, christened on the 5th August 1687 and buried in Alphington Church on 1st March 1687; Ann born in 1692; Grace born in 1695 and buried in Alphington Church on 21st February 1717; Dorothy married Rev. John Pitman and was buried in Alphington Church on the 23rd May 1721. The family lived at Bishop's Place on a 99 year lease from the Earl of Devon. Samuel I was buried in Alphington Church on the 17th December 1721 and he left his wife Sarah 'his messuage and tenement with appertenances called Bishops Place with the residue of the 99 year lease, household goods and furniture with the Cystern in his Maulthouse, £400 and his best mare'. In 1723 the Devon and Exeter Oath Rolls show Sarah Walkey widow of Alphington. Sarah was buried in Alphington Church on 22nd March 1726.

The children of Samuel Walkey II and Mary were Samuel III and Dorothy. Samuel II was buried in Alphington Church on the 10th April 1753 and his wife Mary died in Ottery St Mary.

Samuel III was born in 1716 and christened on the 6th March 1716 he married Ann Brown on 25th January 1741 at St Thomas. Their children were: Samuel IV born on the 12th May 1745, he married Sarah Warren on the 4th October 1778 at Honiton on Otter he died/was buried on the 29th February 1819; Benjamin born on the 9th April 1746 and he married Mary Elliott on the 1st September 1777 at St Mary Arches. Benjamin was a surgeon living at Barthelmew Terrace Exeter. Their children were: Charles Elliot Walkey he married Elizabeth Collyns on the 27th September 1803 at St Mary Arches one of their sons was Joseph Elliot Collyns Walkey JP.




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