Pixie Cottage

Pixie Cottage was thought to have been named after a lane called Pixie Lane. Further up the road from Pixie Cottage there were once two fields both named Pixie Lane Field and a lane ran between the two, most probably this was Pixie Lane.

From Pixie Cottage Documents
16th December 1819
Lease issued by Lord Courtney to Mr John Newman and family. This covered a dwelling house with stable, gardens and out houses an area of 1 rood and 16 perches, also a meadow of over 2 acres.

John Newman was born in Dartmouth on the 24th May 1778 and he married Susanna Cornish (1778–1820) at South Pool Devon on the 8th March 1803. Their children were: John b.1802; Elizabeth 1803–1888; Francis b. 1807; Susan b. 1810; Catherine b. 1811; Anne 1815–1881, Mary b. 1815; Robert b. 1820.

John Newman was described as a grocer of Alphington and his shop Newman & Co, grocers was situated at 182 Fore Street. Exeter. When John died in 1822 his wife and family took over the running of the shop.

From Alphington's Burial Records: John Newman 1822 aged 44; Susan Newman 1828 aged 50; Catherine 1832 aged 20; Lucy Newman 1819 aged 7 weeks.

28th February 1829
Release issued by John Newman (gentleman of Middlesex) and Francis C. Newman (grocer of Exeter) to Thomas Jackson. Property described as in 1819 except for a newly erected cottage in the meadow behind and adjoining Pixie Cottage and Tozer's Cottage.

28th February 1829
Assignment of lease to Thomas Jackson from John and Francis C. Newman. Pixie Cottage, garden, stable and premises now occupied by Thomas Jackson. The meadow behind the cottage was now called Orchard Meadow and the newly erected cottage was occupied by John Friend. The garden adjoining Orchard Meadow was in the possession of George Herbert. Original lease was dated 30th November 1770 and 17th July 1780.

Records from the 1840s
Residents: Thomas Jackson 50, Isabella Jackson 40, Sarah Stirrage 25, Mary Lozer/Tozer 20.

29th September 1841
Assignment of lease by Thomas Jackson to William Yalden of Heavitree. Cottage called Pixie Cottage and included stables, upper and lower gardens and Orchard Meadow to the rear.

William Yalden was born in 1783 in Easton, Hampshire and he married Martha Falkner at St Martin Birmingham on the 13th January 1818.

Records from the 1850s
Residents: William Yalden 68 annuitant, Martha Yalden 68, Eliza Wise 38 annuitant, Harriet Northway 32 cook, Harriet Bolt 16 housemaid.

From Alphington's Burial Records: William Yalden 1852 aged 69.

21st December 1855
Lease issued by the trustees of the will of the late Earl of Devon to Mrs Martha Yalden for Pixie Cottage including Orchard Meadow.

20th December 1856
Assignment of lease by Mrs Isabella Jackson to Rev. George Yalden of Ivywell Northampton upon death of Thomas Jackson.

Rev. George Yalden was born in 1822 in Llanelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales.. He married Frances Allington in Little Barford, Bedfordshire on the 5th August 1845. Rev. George Yalden obtained a game certificate in 1847 at £4 0s 10d.

29th October 1857
Lease issued by the trustees of the Earl of Devon to Mrs Martha Yalden.

6th August 1858
Pixie Cottage was mortgaged by the Goldenseal to raise £220.

30th November 1866
Lease issued to Mrs Martha Yalden, mentions Tozer's Cottage, another cottage probably in Clapperbrook Lane occupied by John Edmunds a cow keeper. Thomas Wright was also listed as a tenant.

30th November 1866
Assignment of lease for Pixie Cottage to raise £400 by Rev. Yalden. Several cottages were listed and the residents were Thomas Vickery, Catherine Rice, William Gater, John Connett, John Howard, John Edmunds.

Records from the 1860s: residents Pixie Cottage Martha Yalden 79 fundholder, George Yalden 39 rector of Ivywell, Northam, Jane May 44 cook, Ann orchard 29 housemaid. 1. Yalden Cottages John Howard 63 gardener; 2. Yalden Cottages Thomas Vickery 46 tanners labourer; 4 Yalden Cottages Rebecca Coles 70; 5 Yalden Cottages William Gater 54 farmer's labourer; John Rice (and Catherine) 67 coal dealer.

Records from the 1870s: residents George Yalden 49, Eliza Sharland 38 servant, Caroline Heysett 26, servant.

9th October 1874
Assignment of administrators of Rev Yalden deceased to Mr William Way of Alphington, gent. Covered Pixie Cottage, Tozer's Cottage and other adjoining cottages. Lease purchased for £530. William died 2nd January 1875.

From Alphington's burial records William Way 2nd January 1875 aged 44.

12th May 1877
Lease documents confirming John and Mary Way as leaseholders.

Records from the 1880s: residents Mary Way 62, Ellen Bishop 25 general servant.

Records from the 1890s: Mary Way 72, Bessie Stone 29 general servant.

1st November 1893
Poster for sale of Pixie Cottage, five adjoining cottages and two adjoining shops.

29th December 1893
Assignment of lease by Miss Laura Way to Charles Finch and John Hawkins. Included Pixie Cottage, Tozer's Cottage and five other cottages.

Records from 1911 residents: Donald B. Macbeth 41 tailor and family. Bessie Powlesland 13 servant.

19th March 1914
Assignment of lease by Mrs M. Finch to Mr George Coles. Pixie Cottage only.

1922 let to Mr W. G. Coles.

1946 and 1949 resident was L. P. Goodman.

I am very grateful to the residents of Tozers Cottage and Pixie Cottage for notes that enabled me to research this cottage




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