Willow Cottage/Lodge, Brooklands, Rose Cottage (Church Road)

Willow Cottage/Lodge

The first record I found for Willow Cottage showed John and Elizabeth Short residing there with their son Richard in 1851. John Short was born in the Ide in 1793 and he married Elizabeth Sampson in Framlington on the 26th March 1815. Richard was born in Exminster in 1815. They also had a daughter, Sarah, born in Bideford on the 4th May 1821. Sarah arrived at Port Philip Bay, Australia in March 1854 and married James Lendrun in Victoria during the same year. She died in 1886 in Essendon Victoria.

By 1861 John Short had moved from Willow Cottage to Alphington Place, his son, Richard, was now living in the cottage with his wife Ann and his two children John and Fanny.

In 1871 Abraham Nankivell is recorded at the cottage, by 1881 Richard had returned and continued to live at Willow Cottage until his death in 1892. His son, John, then lived in the cottage with his mother, she died in 1902. Records show John continuing to reside in the cottage in 1911 and 1920.

In 1933 Walter Edwards was recorded as the resident, an undated record showed Walter skidded on his motor bike on the Alphington Road when he had to avoid a horse and cart. A record from Alphington's Parish magazine in 1946 recorded Walter thanking the 'welcome home committee' for a party held in the village hall to welcome home the village's service men. In 1946 and 1949 R. Difford was recorded as the resident of Willow Cottage.

Rose Cottage (Church Road)

Rose Cottage was thought to have been the first tannery in the village run by the Pewtner family from 1660 until the death of William Pewtner in 1741. The cottage was then taken over by William Coles for his building business. I have not as yet found any written records to confirm this.

The Alphington Tithe map records the gardens behind the cottage were owned by Sarah Tucker and Mr Richard, the occupiers were George Hugo and William Physic.

By 1861 Thomas Howe and his wife lived in the cottage.

In 1891 the cottage housed three families, which included John Moxey and his family and James Bater and his family. The Moxey and Bater families continued to live in Rose Cottage in 1881, 1891 and 1901 and the third family was Henry Tozer and his family.

In 1911 two families were recorded. James Bater and his wife and Elizabeth Moxey, widow of John Moxey, and two of her children.

In 1922 Rose Cottage was described as 'a pair of semi detached cottages formerly one house' let to Mr E. J. Moxey and Mr W. J. Rowe. The cottage was sold to Mr E. J. Moxey at auction in the same year. Mr E. J. Moxey and Mr W. J. Rowe were still living in the cottages in 1946 and 1949.


Early records for Brooklands are proving to be hard to find though the Tithe Map did name Thomas Lear and William Rowe as being at Brooklands.

The next record for the house was for the birth of John Walton Hussey at Brooklands. He appears in 1871 as the six year old son of the head of the household but the only other people in the records were a visitor and a servant.

In 1881 John Carpenter, a retired farmer, and his family were recorded as residents. In the same year John was a judge at the Bath and West Southern Counties Society show.

In 1891 William Loram, a retired butcher, lived in the house with his two daughters. The elder daughter married John Henry Lear and in 1901 and 1911 they were recorded as the residents.

Mr J. H. Lear continued to reside at the property in 1922 where it was described as a farm house, small holding or private residence. It was a large house with six bedrooms and dressing rooms up stairs reached by both a back and front staircase. The down stairs had an entrance hall, dining, drawing and breakfast rooms, pantry kitchen and wash house. Amongst other buildings the outside had stables, trap house, fowl house and piggeries along with a pasture field. The total area covered over five acres. In 1922 the house was bought at auction by Mr H. P. Caming of St Thomas for £1,080.

In 1946 and 1949 John Marshall resided in the house which was recorded as a board residence.




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