Alphington House/The Manor House

Alphington House was described as a stone and stucooed structure with a slate roof, carriage sweep and a grass lawn in the front.

On the second floor of the house were six bed and dressing rooms. On the first floor were four bed and dressing rooms, bath room and a morning room. On the ground floor was an entrance lobby and hall, dining room, drawing room, kitchen, scullery, store cupboard, pantry and larder. There was a stable yard, coach house, covered washing place, harness room, loose box, two-stalled stable with loft over.

The grounds had a carriage drive with a lawn in the front. There was also a rose pergola, tennis lawn, fruit and vegetable gardens, apple and fruit store, large span-roof conservatory and potting and tool sheds.

The earliest record I found for Alphington House was dated 1810 'Died at Alphington House Mrs Ballki wife of James Ballki Esq. March 1810'.

The following records show the Wilcocks family in residence: '30th March 1832 Ann Shelsbury wife of Ebernezer Wilcocks Esq. Alphington House' Obit. February 1838 'Died at Alphington House Mary widow of John Wilcocks Esq. late of Exeter'. 1841 resident at Alphington House Ebernezer Wilcocks aged 55 living on independent means, three of the servants at the house were Mary Willey, Suzanna Floyde and William Jorred.

Ebernezer Wilcocks was christened on the 22nd May 1781 at Exeter, his parents were John and Mary Wilcocks. Ebernzer married Ann Shelsbury Hambly at Stoke Damerel on the 4th December 1805, he died in 1852.

A Thomas Letchworth Esq. was recorded at Alphington House in 1850 but had moved to Exeter by 1851.

A marriage record dated 1859 stated '18th February 1859 at Alphington Wm. Lodner Healey Esq. merchant of London to Grace Jenner only daughter of John Western Snell Esq. of Manor House Alphington. Thomas Western, a landed proprietor, was recorded as resident in 1861.

The house was uninhabited in 1881.

Joseph Jagger, a carpenter, was said to have bought/leased Alphington House in 1886 after he had broken the bank at Monte Carlo in 1873 and turned into a multi millionaire. He was a distant cousin of Mick Jagger.

In 1891 Charles Deville Wells also broke the bank at Monte Carlo and a George Wells was said to have been living at Alphington House from 1892 until 1894.

In 1901 and 1902 William Martin living on his own means and his family were resident at the house.

In 1911 Frank Harold Hossell and his family were recorded at the house and also in 1922. In both 1946 and 1949 Mrs F. H. Hossell was the resident.

An undated record stated that a Foxglove growing in the gardens of Alphington House was made up of 15 separate plants that had interwoven. At the top of the plant were 15 separate stems all bearing flowers.




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