Mayne's, Loram's, Brookland's, later Burt's Cottages

From Alphington's Tithe map one block of cottages and three other buildings, perhaps barns of some sort, can be seen situated beside the Alphin Brook. I believe these cottages were known as Mayne's Cottages. Moving on towards Willow Lodge four more blocks of cottages can be found, one block situated on the side of Church Road and the other three blocks set further back. Probably, three blocks were known as Loram's Cottages and the final block Brookland's Cottages. Beside Willow Lodge was one block of cottages that I think were known as Ivy Cottages.

Behind the cottages stretching back to Mill Lane were two pasture fields. One running alongside the Alphin Brook was named Backside and at the time of the publication of the Tithe Map it was owned by Mary Wheaton and occupied by Thomas Reynolds, its area was recorded as 1a 3r 32p. The larger pasture field was named Great Chronicles covering four acres and was owned by the executors of Robert Walker and occupied by John Webb.

In 1841 some residents of the cottages were possibly James Pike and family, Thomas Underhill and family, John Coles and family and John Pester. It is likely that a couple of the cottages were shops run by Ann Tapley and Sarah Loram. In 1851 Bridge Tenement was recorded with the residents named as Aaron and Elizabeth Atkins it would make sense that this was the area next to the brook and bridge. In 1861 some of the residents of the cottages were Robert Chatty, an agricultural labourer and family, James Lovell, a wheelwright, and family in Mayne's Cottages, and John Jetson and family.

In 1871 residents were: Ivy Cottage occupied by George Dart, a Chelsea pensioner, and family, his two daughter's occupations were given as (a) milliner and straw maker and (b) dress and mantle maker. Brookland's Cottages occupied by Edward Spencer, a journeyman tanner, and family; William Smale, an agricultural labourer, and family; Mary Snell, a market gardener and Robert Lovell, an agricultural labourer, and family. Loram's Cottages occupied by: John ?assen, and agricultural labourer, and family, John Lansacroft, an agricultural labourer, and family; William Milton, an agricultural labourer and his wife; John Esworthy, an agricultural labourer and family; Henry Tozer, a basket maker, and family and Samuel Hutchings, a cattle dealer, and family. Poplar Cottage followed which would appear to be one of Mayne's Cottages, Joseph Lendon, a shoe maker, and his wife resided there. Mayne's Cottages occupied by: Mary Ann Jetson, a laundress, and her children, finally Samuel Brewer, a gardener, and family.

In 1881: Ivy Cottages: 1. James Horwill, tanners labourer, and family; 2. John Page, joiner labourer, and wife. Loram's and Brookland's Cottages: 1. George C. Nowell, railway platelayer (unempl) and family; 2. Samuel Warren, agricultural labourer, and family; 3. William Milton, agricultural labourer, and family; 4. Robert Bartlett, formerly carpenter, and family; 5. John Sanders, carpenter's labourer, and son; 6. Robert Lovell, market gardener and grocer, and family; 7. James Pocock, market gardener, and family. Mayne's Cottages: 1. John S. Knott, masons labourer, and family; 2. John F. Jetson, carpenter's labourer, mother and brother; 3. Richard Finnimore, tanner's labourer, and wife; 4. Frederick J. Knott, mason's labourer, and family. 1891: Ivy Cottages: 1. Robert Crocher, joiner, and wife; 2. James Horwill, gardener, and wife. Brookland's Cottages: 1. George Greenslade, smith, and family; 2. Ellen Bethbridge, living on own means, and children. Loram's Cottages: 1. Robert Bartlett and family; 2. Thomas H. Carpenter, agricultural labourer, and family; 3. Thomas Guy and family; 4. Mary A. Esworthy, needlewoman, and daugher; 5. uninhabited. Mayne's Cottages: 1. John Hutchings, retired farmer; 2. John Jetson, gardener, mother and brother; 3. George H. White, blacksmith and family.

1901: Ivy Cottages: 1. James Horwill and wife; 2. Walter and Laura ? Brookland's Cottages: 1. John M. Lear and family with one boarder and one servant. Loram's Cottages: 1. William Williams, foreman (coal), and family, Harriett ?? and her children; Mary Ann Esworthy, bread maker; 4. Harry Coles, labourer, and family; 5. Robert Lear mason's labourer; 6. Samuel Horwill, railway worker, and family; 7. Henry ??, mason's labourer, and family. Mayne's Cottages: Jane Tollans; Mary Jetson and son on Parish Pay; 3. Frederick Knott, mason, and family.

In 1911 Ivy Cottages were recorded as part of Burt's and the residents were the Glendinning family and William Farley a jobbing gardener and his wife. The following three cottages were recorded as Burt's and the residents were Herbert Symons, a cabinet maker, and family; Samuel Lovell, a railway labourer, and family; Thomas Fitson a general labourer lived in the last cottage. Loram's Cottages were also recorded as part of Burt's and the residents were: 1. George Wellington a tan yard labourer; 2. Thomas Elliott, farm labourer, and family. 3. Frederick Bloomfield, a photographer, and family; 4. William Rumbelow, an assistant in a butchers, and family. The last record was 'The Mayne's' occupied by Louisa Puddicombe, a charwoman, and her two sons.




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