Mitchell's Cottages, later becoming Cross Cottage, Chestnut Cottage and Cross Laundry

From a land tax record dated 1798 Mr White occupied Mitchell's.

From the Alphington Tythe map the land/cottages known as Mitchell's consisted of three 'plots' of land. One on the corner of Church Road and Mill Lane containing one building, this was occupied by Thomas Jordan and owned by the Revd. John Gillard (1799-1875). The second 'plot' of land was situated between 'plot' one and a building known as Cross Cottage today, this was owned and occupied by John Newcombe Stevenson who lived in Belle Ville House (Fairfax House). 'Plot' three was situated alongside 'plot' two directly opposite Belle Ville House and Osborne House. This plot contained one building was occupied by John Holmes and owned by Revd. John Gillard. Later on 'plot' one became 1, Mitchell's Cottage/Cross Laundry; 'plot' two became 2, Mitchell's Cottage/Chestnut Cottage and 'plot' three became 3, 4, 5 Mitchell's Cottages/Cross Cottage. Some land was used from 'plot' three to build part of the Teign Valley Railway.

Cross Cottage
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The Revd. John Gillard was born in Brixham, his parents were George Gillard and Mary. John was the vicar of Davidstow at least from 1840 until his death in 1875. Records show his mother died there on Sunday 2nd February 1840 aged 83.

From records for the 1840s Thomas Jordan and Richard Jordan occupied Mitchell's, they lived with their wives and were both rope makers.

In the 1850s Thomas Jordan is continuing to live at Mitchell's he is now a gardener. Joseph Harding, a clerk, and his family are new residents.

In records for the 1860's Chestnut Cottage is first mentioned and is occupied by James Barratt, a mining agent's house proprietor, and his family. Joseph Bastin, an agricultural machine maker, and his daughter and two sons are recorded as living at Mitchell's. From Alphington's burial records: Joseph Bastin 25th March 1862 aged 66 and William Bastin 11th March 1868 aged 32.

1870's records show John Hutchings, a cattle dealer, and his wife residing at Chestnut Cottage. Richard J. Bastin and his family living at Mitchell's. Records show Ellen Beavis married Richard J. Bastin born in Alphington the son of Joseph Bastin and Mary Ann Drinkwater. Ellen's parents were John Beavis born in 1797 at Clyst St Lawrence and Susanna born in 1796 at Moreton Hampstead. From Alphington's burial records: Richard James Bastin 9th March 1901 aged 67; Ellen Bastin (wife) 9th September 1882 aged 45, Bessie (daughter b. 17th September 1867); 22nd March 1942.

In the 1880's Mitchell's Cottage is recorded and the residents continue to be Richard J. Bastin, a merchant, and his family.

Records for the 1890s record: Chestnut Cottage Albert Toms, a postal telegraph clerk, and his family as residents; 1 Mitchell's Cottages Richard J. Bastin, an agricultural machinist, and his two daughters as residents; 2 Mitchell's Cottages Albert Hutchings, a cattle dealer, and his family as residents and 3 Mitchell's Cottages James Hawkins, a seed merchant, and his family as residents.

In 1901 three dwellings were empty. Walter Williams and his two daughters lived at Chestnut Cottage. Daniel Lambeer, a gardener, lived in the other cottage that was possibly called The Cross.

In 1911 Chestnut Cottage was occupied by Alica Sarah Mayne and her children. Mitchell's Cottages were recorded as follows: Walter Hester, a general labourer, and his wife in a four-roomed cottage; William Gale, a general labourer, and his family in a three-roomed cottage; William H. Moxey, a general labourer, and his family in a three-roomed cottage and William Thomas White and his wife in the last cottage.

In the early 1920s 1 Mitchell's Cottages or Cross Laundry was let to Mr W. T. White and at auction in 1922 was sold to Mr A. J. Bartlett for £500. 2 Mitchell's Cottages or Chestnut Cottage was let to Mr G. Bowdidge and at the 1922 auction was sold to Mr W. P Baker for £460. 3, 4 and 5 Mitchell's Cottages was let to Mr S. Tout and sold to Mr E. Tucker for £320.

In 1946 and 1949 Mr Sidney Tout a haulier lived at Mitchell's Cottage and Mr George Bowdidge lived at Chestnut Cottage.

From Dod's Peerage, Baronetage and Knightage of Great Britain and Ireland including all the titled classes 1952. 'Onslow, Hon Mrs Herbert Frank – Strathspey, B. of Cross Cottage, Alphington m. 1934'.

Herbert Frank Onslow was born on the 8th May 1899, the son of Reverend Matthew Richard Septimus Onslow and Fanny Harriet Green. Herbert fought in WW1 and gained the rank of Lieutenant in 1919 in the service of the Royal Marines. He fought in the Russian Civil War in 1919 in North Russia. He married the Hon. Lena Barbara Joan Ogilvie-Grant on the 5th April 1934. Lena was born on the 2nd July 1907 the daughter of Sir Trevor Ogilvie-Grant, Lord Strathspey and Alice Louisa Hardy-Johnston. Herbert and Lena had a son, Roger Cranley Seafield Onslow born on the 4th December 1934. Herbert died on the 26th February 1970 and Lena in 1981. The Revd. Matthew was born on the 27th November 1856 the son of Sir Matthew Richard Onslow 4th Bt. and Mary Salter. He married Fanny Green the daughter of Reverend Thomas Green on the 23rd August 1894. Revd. Matthew was a Chaplain in the service of the Royal Navy as confirmed in the London Gazette dated the 14th April 1885. 'The Revd. Matthew Richard Septimus Onslow MA has been appointed a Chaplain in Her Majesty's Fleet dated 16th March 1885'. He was the Rector of Stoke Edith Herefordshire between 1905 and 1926. One of his sons Lt. Thomas Onslow was killed in WW!. His eldest son Richard Francis John Onslow died in WW2 on the 9th April 1942, he was the Commanding Officer on the air-craft carrier HMS Hermes which was sunk by Japanese aircraft South of Ceylon. Revd. Matthew died on the 30th November 1932.



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