Rosemont House

Some of the early records for Rosemont House show Miss Chave living there in 1828. In 1835 John Chave Luxmore Esq was recorded as the resident. John's father was Solon Luxmore and his mother was Sarah Chave. John married his wife Maria on the 8th April 1830. They had one daughter, Sarah, who was born in Alphington in about 1831. Records for 1841 and 1851 show the family continuing to live at Rosemont. Being such a large house numerous members of staff were employed, such as, a coachman, a cook, a house maid, a kitchen maid and a ladies maid. Between 1851 and 1861 the family left the village and John is recorded as dying in London on the 10th January 1881.

In 1861 Elizabeth Chapman, a widow and fund holder, is recorded at the house with her mother-in-law Mary Chapman, her sister-in-law Amelia, her aunt Mary Chapman and her nephew John Hart. The members of staff who lived in the house were a cook, a footman, a housemaid and a ladies maid.

Not long after George Stoddart must have resided at Rosemont for a short time. The following records dated the 20th February 1855, the 25th February 1869 and 1870 show J. W. Savile, D. H. Erskine and J. W. Welden the executors of George Stoddart of Rosemont. George Stoddart had been a consul in Madeira as shown in the following records dated the 12th April 1836 'The King has been graciously pleased to appoint George Stoddart Esq to be his majesty's Consul in the Islands of Madeira'. Another record shows a marriage at Alphington in 1869, 'At Alphington C. De L. Faunee De Laune Esq of Sharsted Court, Kent to Annie second daughter of late George Stoddart Esq of Balleudrick, Perthshire formerly Consul of Madeira'.

In 1881 Arthur Chamberlayne Chichester GP for Devon and Lieut 1st Devon Yeomanry, his wife Elizabeth and three of his children Charles A., Catherine E., and Frances L. are residing at Rosemont. One other son Arthur Elliot Chamberlayne Chichester born on the 2nd May 1870 was not recorded. The house continued to have a large staff including a cook, a footman, house maids and a nurse. The family moved away from Alphington and Arthur is recorded as dying in 1902 in Lancashire.

Thomas Graves Sawle lived at Rosemont according to records dated 1891, 1901 and 1902 along with his two daughters Marian and Amy. They always employed at least four members of staff. Thomas' father was Sir Joseph Sawle Graves Sawle (1703-1865) and his mother was Dorothea Prideaux Brune. Thomas was born at Penrice House, St Austell Cornwell on the 18th January 1826. He married Juliana Griffies Williams at Marlborough on the 16th July 1849. Their children were: Erasmus Henry Graves Sawle 1850-1859, Julia Eleanor Dorothea Graves Sawle 1855-1927, Marianna Rose Graves Sawle 1856-1941, and Amy Trevanion Graves Sawle 1859. Juliana died on the 9th February 1884. Thomas died either in January or on the 20th February 1811.

Charlton Burwood Heal was a resident of Rosemont as is shown in various records. A marriage reported in the Exeter and Plymouth Gazette dated 17th September 1938 states ' Miss Rachel Mary Heal and Mr Henry Graham Moulding (known as Harry) elder daughter of Mr and Mrs Charlton Burwood Heal of Rosemont Alphington'. Harry Moulding disappeared in World War II though he was assumed to have been in Malai POW Camp, Burma-Siam Railway. He died on the 3rd August 1943 and was buried at the Thanbyuzayal War Cemetery Myanmer (Burma). His wife Rachel died in 2007.

A recorded dated 1st March 1944 shows Mr C. B. Heal being nominated as the Rectors Warden in Alphington for the 10th year.

Alphington's burial record show Carlton Heal died in 1972 aged 100 and his wife Hilda M. S. Heal died in 1962 aged 88.

By the mid 1970s Rosemont House was in disrepair with broken windows and a leaking roof. Exeter City Council refused developers permission to demolish the house as it was unique and was listed as being of historical and architectural interest. It was turned into thirteen flats.



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