Tozer's Cottage

Tozer's Cottage was originally part of a tenement known as Pengelly's late Tozers.

Records of the Tozer family in Alphington can be found dating back to the early 1600s. One of the earliest marriage records I found was for Cyprian Tozer and Margarette Burlase who married on the 17th October 1635.

A survey dated 1784 listed Tozer's Tenement formally Pengelly's and Richard Cross was recorded as the occupier for a rental of £3 3s 8d. Another survey dated 1771 confirmed Richard Cross as the tenant and a Court Roll and Tenement List shows the yearly rental continuing at £3 3s 8d and Richard Cross Esq. is still the tenant.

In 1829 a release document was issued by John Newman a gentleman of Essex and Francis Newman a grocer of Exeter to Thomas Jackson. The document recorded Pixie Cottage, other land and a shop in the possession of Richard Lear which is thought to have been Tozer's.

A Hussey's sales document dated 1830 records a cottage thought to be Tozer's along with Little Pixhay Lane field. The occupiers were Richard Lear and Richard Babb at a rental of 6/-. A pew in Alphington Church belonging to Tozer's Tenement was also included in the sale


Tozer's Cottage
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Documents from 1840, 1841 and 1850 recorded Richard Lear as a saddler and harness maker and in 1856 an assignment of lease confirmed Richard as the tenant of Tozer's 'now and for many years'.

In 1857 Richard Lear a saddler is once more recorded probably of Tozer's. A Smithy was also recorded in operation but no exact location was given. On studying an old map it seemed quite likely that a Smithy was situated in a building that once stood in the present-day car park of the New Inn.

In 1866 an assignment of lease for Pixie Cottage, the cottage next door to Tozer's, recorded that Edwin Parnell now resided at Tozer's.

In 1871 Ann Heard is recorded as a shopkeeper at Tozer's, her niece Emily resides with her.

In 1881 Tozer's is listed as a grocer shop, Ann Heard continues to be the resident. Her daughter, Ann Milford, is recorded as a grocer's assistant.

Records from 1889 and 1893 show Ann was a grocer and china dealer. In 1891 Ann Milford and Thomas Heard, son of Ann Heard, were listed at Tozer's with Ann Heard who was recorded as running a grocer's shop. Tomas aged 18 was an apprentice brush maker.

The lease of Tozer's was sold in 1893 to J. Hawkins. The cottage now contained two shops and Mrs Heard was still the occupier.

In 1901 the cottage recorded as 'The Shop, Tozer's', was occupied by William Budd, a shop keeper, and his family.

Records from 1910 and 1911 show Charles Budd was the occupier and Edwin Tucker owned the lease. In 1911 the shop was described as a general shop.

In 1919 Louisa Yendall was recorded as the resident of Tozer's.

In 1922 the freehold was bought from the Earl of Devon by Mr E. Tucker for £260.

Tozer's was put on the market in 1933.

From 1985 to 2005 Tozer's was a Pharmacy.

In 2007 during extensive building work to return Tozer's to its full cottage status the frontage was fully exposed and examined by a University graduate. The graduate thought that Tozer's could perhaps date back to the 15th or 16th Century and had been two cottages and was part of the group that was once situated around the north of Alphington Church.



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