Caroline Place

Caroline Place is a terrace of three houses that stands on the corner of the Chudleigh Road and Ide Lane and they were thought to have been named after Caroline of Brunswick, Consort of George IV. I was told that the houses were connected by a couple of inside doors making them all one building at some time and also it was thought that there had been a school there at one stage.

In 1922 they were described as built of brick and stone with slated roofs occupying a splendid position opposite Alphington Church commanding extensive views. On the second floor were front and back bedrooms and the first floor had a further two bedrooms. On the ground floor were an entrance hall, front sitting room, kitchen with range, ladder, wash house, coal and WC at the back.

From the Exeter Directory dated 1828 I found a Philip Lardner Esq. lived at No. 1 Caroline Place.

Records show that in the early and middle 1830s Frederick William Faulkner and his family lived in one of the houses. Frederick was born on the 27th July 1807 and christened on the 20th September 1807 at St Saviour's Southwalk, he married Mary Ann Bells on the 5th April 1831 at St Giles Camberwell. His two children were born in Alphington, Mary Ann on the 3rd April 1832 and William Frederick on the 31st March 1833 both were christened privately at St Thomas on the 17th May 1832 and 6th May 1833 respectively. They were both christened a second time at St Vedast London on the 23rd June 1835. Frederick was recorded as a Solicitor/Gentleman at the baptisms of his children. Frederick died young on the 12th October 1835 at Alphington and was buried at Alphington on 17th October 1835, An obituary notice in The Times dated 14th October 1835 stated he was the only surviving son of Wm Faulkner of Saddler's Hill London. The Alphington Poor Rate Book 1836/7 shows an assessment made on 12th August 1836 for Mrs Faulkner of Caroline Place, Part. So she must have stayed in Alphington for a time after her husbands death. However, there is no mention of her in an assessment dated 8th December 1836 so she must have left the village by then.

In 1851 Ann Pocknell, 45, proprietor of houses; Emily Pocknell, 18; Amelia, 15; and Edward, 14 lived at No. 1. John Arney Bab, 46, proprietor of houses; Ann, 45; Annie, 26, school mistress; Eliza, 16; Laura, 10, scholar at house; Henry A, 8, scholar at house; John A, 3 lived at No. 2. Under this record was Sarah Finnimore, 75, pauper, formerly a servant; Edward, 29, agricultural labourer, possibly they were lodging in the house. I think these records give us the evidence of a school being situated at Caroline Place. John Tuckett, 78, retired farmer; Elizabeth, 48; Jane, 44; Mary Nott, 16, servant lived at No. 3.

In 1861 Jane P. Tripe, 56, formerly a baker; Elizabeth, 51, fund holder lived at No. 1. John A. Bale, 55, accountant; Ann, 53; Anne, 28, governess; Eliza, 24, governess; Laura, 20; Henry A., 18, medical student; John A., 13, scholar lived at No. 2. Ann Pocknell, 60, house proprietor; Emily, 28, governess; Amelia, 26; George, 25, draper's, assistant lived at No. 3.

In 1871 from what I could make out from records Mary Cartree, 40, teacher of singing; Ida, 18, teacher of singing; Grace, 17, governess; Catherine, 9, scholar; Gertrude, 5, scholar; Eliza, 3, scholar lived at No. 1. John A. Bale, 67, accountant; Ann, 63; Eliza, 36 governess; Laura, 30; John A. , 23 were still living at No. 2 with a domestic servant Mary A. Cann, 18. William Maitland, 74, retired merchant; Sarah, 17 lived at No. 3.

In 1881 Alfred H. Newberry, 29, plumbers labourer; Mary, 29 dressmaker; Kate M, 8, scholar; Henry J. 6, scholar; Eva M., 4, scholar, Florence E, 1, lived at No. 1. Their lodgers were Thomas H. Smith, 25, shoemaker and Mary J. Smith, 23, dressmaker. John A. Bale, 75 annuitant; John A., 30, medical assistant; Eliza, 42, governess, lived at No. 2. They had a domestic general servant Ellen Milford, 15. A boarder was Emma Y. Seldon, 10 scholar. Ann Mallett, 74, retired miller and Bessie M. Mallett, 33 lived at No. 3.

In 1891 the dwellings of Caroline Place were not numbered but the residents were listed as follows: (1) Thomas H. Smith, 34, postman, boot maker; Mary J., 34, dressmaker; Florence H., 11, scholar; Ernest B., 8, scholar; Amy Louisa, 7, scholar; Albert J., 6, scholar; Lucy A., 4; Clara W., 1; Ann Stapleton, 35 was a visitor. (2) Albert J. Smith, 26, glassier; Lucy, 29; Ida, 2. (3) Ann Mallett, 84, living on own means; Bessie M. 42. (4) James P. Smith, 60, grocer; Eleanor C., 60; Helen C., 24, dressmaker; Eliza Ann, 21, dressmaker; Jessie L. Brown, 18, niece, dressmaker; Bessie B. Brown, 18, niece, milliner; James L. Brown 14, nephew, printer. Strangely, the residents were broken up into four groups as in 1851 and not three as you would expect with three dwellings. I would imagine it was possible the two Smith families were related in living in one house.

In 1901 records show Caroline Place as one building and seemingly no separately numbered houses, also only one family was listed. Thomas H. Smith, 47, musician, postman; Mary, 45; Florence, 21, mother's help; Ernest, 18, clerk; Amy, 17, photographer; Alfred, 16, print trade; Lucy, 13, dressmaker; Edith, 9, scholar; Eleanor, 6, scholar were the residents. Samuel Burridge, 82, general labourer was a boarder. Perhaps this was when Caroline Place was one dwelling and the internal doorways were put in place to connect the three houses.

By the 1911 Census Caroline Place was once more three separate dwellings. G. Westcott, 49, postman; Kate, 45; Albert James, 18, postman; Florence, 16; Frederick John, 14 lived in No. 1. James Burridge, 61, labourer; Sarah, 58; Robert, 33, gardener; Amy Sarah, 28, dressmaker; Walter James, 25, under gardener; Alice Beatrice, 24; Alfred Samuel, 22, market gardener; Edward Albert, 15 lived in No. 2. Bessie Mallett, 63, living on private means lived at No. 3. Frederick J. Westcott was killed during the First World War on the 25th November 1917.

In 1922 No. 1 was let to Mr G. R. Westcott, No. 2 to Mr James Burridge and No. 3 to Mr R. A. Mallett.



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