Alphington's Market Gardens, Orchards and other gardens

The Exeter Nurseries

Fruit and market garden situated between St John's Cross Hill and Ide by the twisted Oak, run by Mr E. F. Southcott.
Size 6a 0r 25p

Some of the plants grown:
6 rows of Raspberries 24 yards long
239 Apple trees
238 Cherry trees
131 Plum trees
23 Pear trees
12 rows of Gooseberry bushes, 18 bushes in each row
9 rows of Red Currant bushes, 18 bushes in each row
17 rows of Black Current bushes, 18 bushes in each row

Glasshouses, sheds and a packing room.

Mr Southcott was still running The Exeter Nurseries in 1949.

St Hills

Market garden situated near Alphington Cross, run by Mr Charles Penny.
Size 3a 1r 6p

Some of the plants grown:
144 Apple trees
23 Pear trees
21 Cherry trees
75 Plum trees
4 Damson trees
72 Red Currant bushes
117 Black Currant bushes
940 Gooseberry bushes
5 perches of Raspberry canes

Three greenhouses with boilers and hot water pipes, closet, brick and iron tool house and a shed.

Mr Penny was born in about 1852 in Wiltshire and was running part of St Hills in 1911 living with his wife Florence Mary and two sons Reginald Charles aged 10 and Albert Edward aged 8.

No. 1 Buscoves Cottages with market garden and pasture land, run by Mr F. Pike.

Frontage on Church Road and run back between the Alphin Brook and Chapel Road to Alphington Mills in Mill Lane. Additional market garden adjoined Alphington Place in Chapel Road.
Size 4a 1r 2p.

Plants in the Alphington Place garden:
17 Plum trees
230 Apple trees
6 rows of Raspberries, 44 canes in each row
4 Pear trees
36 rows of Gooseberry bushes, 20 bushes to each row.

Glasshouses, other buildings and sheds

Mr Frederick James Pike was born in Alphington in about 1859 and in 1911 he was widowed and living with his daughter Emma Flora aged 27 and two sons Arthur James aged 25 and Ernest George aged 17. Both his sons helped him with the market garden and it possible that Arthur James was also running the Clapperbrook Lane garden. In 1949 Arthur was recorded as living in Buscoves House situated roughly behind Buscoves Cottage.

Myrtle House and Myrtle Gardens

Market garden situated in Ide Lane, run by Mrs L. H. Grimes and sons.
Size 2a 1r 8p

Some of the Plants grown:
50 Pear trees
31 Cherry trees
290 Apple trees
61 Plum trees
4 beds of Strawberry plants
1,527 Gooseberry bushes
262 Raspberry canes
221 Currant bushes
8 Filbert bushes
1 bed of Rhubarb

Stone and cob built cellar/barn with loft over, store and furnace house, stable and sheds.

Market garden

Situated in Ide Lane on the opposite side of the village hall to Mrytle Gardens, run by Mr H. F. Grimes
Size 2a

Had an enclosed yard and stone built and slated stable.

Henry Francis Grimes was living at Hurreys, Ide Lane in 1911 with his wife Louisa Harriet and their children, Henry William aged 15 and working in the garden, Alfred Thomas aged 12, Leslie Francis aged 8, Hilda Frances aged 3 and Evelyn Maud aged 7m she was the only one to be born in Alphington. In 1949 Mr L. F. Grimes was recorded as the market gardener,

Wills Nursery Garden

Situated in Dawlish Road and run by the Wills family.
Mr Wills lived in what is now the end cottage on the left hand side in Clapperbrook Lane.

Tomatoes were grown in glasshouses and chickens roamed. Evidence of an old apple orchard was still in situ at the beginning of the 1980s.

Samuel Wills born in Alphington in 1832 was recorded as a market gardener. He lived in part of Tozer's Cottage with Alfred Wills and his family. Samuel was a widow and his son. Charles was still with him. Both Alfred and Charles were recorded as market gardeners. By 1949 the market garden was recorded as being run by Alfred Wills and Son.

The Little Briars

Situated in the Balls Farms Road area
Fruit and market garden with fruit trees and bushes, run by Mr A. T. Newman.

Size 3-bedroomed dwelling house with fruit and garden land totalling 2a 2r 38p

Mr Newman was from Hampshire and was born in 1869, in 1911 records show it was just him and his wife running the garden.

Market Garden

Situated in Clapperbrook field in Clapperbrook Lane on the other side of the Alphin Brook to Alphington Village. This part of Clapperbrook Lane is no longer in existence.
Size 1.925 a. in 1922 run by Mr A. J. Pike.

Rose Cottage, Alphington Road

Market garden run by D. H. Physick Esq.
Size Rose Cottage, orchard and Salt Box/Fern Cottage totalled 14.726 a.

129 trees were grown and buildings included 2 greenhouses and a 2-bay implement shed.

In 1911 Alice Physick born in 1842 was a market gardener living in Hatherleigh House, more or less the next cottage along. She had two daughters, Alice and Annie, and her son Frederick was assisting in the garden. In 1949 D. H. Physick was recorded as a fruit grower and was living in Hatherleigh House.

Cedar Cottage

Situated on the opposite side of the Alphington Road to Rose Cottage had a strip of orchard land of .175 a let to D. H. Physick Esq.
Cedar Cottage itself had lawns studded with fruit trees and fruit and vegetable garden with an assortment of fruit trees and bushes.

Garden land at Babbs Court, Ide Lane

The land was split into four parts and contained fruit trees, bushes and other crops. 2r 7p was let to Mr F. Pike, 15p was let to Mr G. R. Westcott, 10p was let to Mr E. G. Edgcumbe and 25p was let to Mr W. J. Adams.

Orchard land

Situated in Cowick Lane a short distance from Alphington Cross, run by Mr A. G. Williams.
2.259 acres fully stocked with trees.

Three enclosures of orchard land together with vegetable garden and site of old cottage by Alphington Cross. (1) orchard size 2.389 a. (2) orchard .311 a. (3) orchard .303 a. run by Mr W. Seward
Old Cross Dairy a kitchen garden run by Mr A. G. Williams.

Orchard land known as Orchard and Stone Hedge Field, 3r 28p run by Mr R. Lockyear

Other Orchards and fruit and vegetable gardens

Sobey's Farm, Ide Lane, 2 orchards: (a) orchard behind the farmhouse 2.512 a. (b) Mill Orchard in Mill Lane 1.972. Also a walled fruit and vegetable garden.

Holmbush, Balls Farm Road area, partly walled fruit and vegetable garden with garden frame and potting shed.

Underwood, Balls Farm Road area, fruit and vegetable gardens, 2 small glass houses, fruit shed, potting and tool sheds.

The Cottage, Ide Lane, fruit and vegetable gardens with small greenhouse.

Newlands fruit and vegetable gardens, 2 greenhouses, potting and tool sheds.

Rock House, Balls Farm Road area, walled fruit and vegetable garden, small forcing house and a greenhouse.

Crosse House, by Alphington Cross, fruit and vegetable garden and tomato house.

Belle Ville, Church Road, fruit and vegetable garden.

Belvoir, Chudleigh Road, 2 walled fruit and vegetable gardens and two greenhouses.

Pixie's Cottage, opposite Alphington Church, fruit and vegetable gardens and greenhouse.

The Briars, Balls Farm Road area, fruit and vegetable gardens, large vinery in four compartments, cucumber and tomato house.

The Manor House (Alphington House), Cowick Lane, fruit and vegetable gardens with apple and fruit store.

The Elms, Balls Farm Road area, large walled fruit and vegetable garden with tomato and forcing houses.

Alphington Villa, Cowick Lane, two fruit and vegetable gardens, orchard, learn to vinery with span-roof greenhouse attached, 2 conservatories/forcing houses, garden frames, potting and tool sheds.

Carpenters Farm, Chudleigh Road, three fruit and vegetable gardens and an orchard totalled to 1a 2r 24p.

Alphington Lodge, Dawlish Road, fruit and vegetable gardens, heated vinery and forcing house.

Balls Farm, Balls Farm Road, a 109 acre corn and diary farm orchards, 1a 0r 6p, and a trap house with apple loft over.

Rolls Bridge, a 44a small holding orchard 2a 2r 1p.

Little John's Cross formerly the King William Inn, corner of Little John's Cross Hill, two fruit and market gardens.

Ide Lodge by Ide Bridge, Parish of Alphington, fruit garden, walled fruit and vegetable garden.

Garden next to Ide Lodge, run by Mr W. Cox, 1r 33p contained 4 apple trees, 1 pear tree and other fruit trees.

Laurel Cottage, Ide Lane, fruit and vegetable gardens and an orchard.

Moss Cottage, vegetable garden.

Willow Lodge, Church Road, vegetable garden.

Mile End Cottage, Church Road, vegetable garden.

Allotment gardens let to the Alphington and Ide Allotment Holders Association
4a 0r 32p Polehouse Lane.
2r 9p Alphington and Ide Road.
6a 0r 39p main Exeter and Plymouth Road and the Alphington and Shillingford Road.
1a 1`r 24p lane between village and Alphington Mill.

1a 1r 39p in front of Midway Terrace let to Alphington Parish Council.



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