Alphington Memorials from the Wars

Memorials in Alphington Church


To the Glory of God
and to the proud memory
of the men of this Parish
who gave their lives for
their King and County

Frederick Buckingham - Private Frederick Buckingham Devonshire Regiment 8th Battalion d. 25th September 1915 age 28, son of Frederick and Maude Buckingham of Little Town Cottage, Honiton.
Leopold Cann - Private Leopold Cann Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 8th Battalion 105 Machine Coy d. 28th April 1917 age 28, son of Henry and Annie M. Cann of Little John's Cross, Alphington.
Dick J. Carpenter - Private Richard James Carpenter 24th Battalion Royal Fusiliers d. 31st July 1916 age 19, son of William and Louisa Carpenter, Newton Abbot formerly Cross View, Alphington.
Albert Conway - Private Albert Conway Devonshire Regiment 2nd Battalion d. 1st August 1917 age 20, son of Charles and Emily Conway, 9 Cross View, Alphington.
William H. Counter - Lance Corporal William H. Counter Devonshire Regiment 3rd/6th Battalion d. 28th October 1916 age 34, son of James and Elizabeth Counter, 5 Clapperbrook Lane, Alphington..
Joseph C. H. Edgecombe - Warrant Officer Joseph Charles H. Edgecombe Royal Navy and Royal Indian Marine d. 27th September 1917, son of Samuel and Charlotte Edgecombe, Main Street, Alphington.
Robert H. Evans - Private Hugh Robert Evans Australian Infantry Force 48th Battalion reported missing 11th April 1917.
Henry Godfrey - Herbert William Archibald Godfrey Devonshire Regiment 2nd Battalion d. 16th March 1915, son of Herbert John and Harriet Jane Godfrey of Little Silver, Exminster.
E. George Hambly - Private Ephraim George Hambly Royal Welsh Fusiliers 9th Battalion d. 20th October 1918 age 28, son of John and Fanny Hambly.
Ernest R. Hamilton - Private Ernest Robert Hamilton Hampshire Regiment 9th Battalion d. 12th September 1918 age 22, son of Richard and Sarah Hamilton, Waybrook, Alphington.
John Leach - Private Albert John Leach Royal Devon and North Devon Yeomanry 16th Battalion d. 3rd December 1917 age 20, son of David and Lucy, Lower Shillingford.
F. John Loram - Lance Corporal Frederick John Loram (Fred) Devonshire Regiment 1st Battalion d. 4th October 1917 age 24, son of Edmund T. and Alice M. Loram, Sobey's Farm, Ide Lane, Alphington.
Stanley A. Loram - Second Lieutenant Stanley Arthur Loram Australian Flying Corps 3rd Sqdn. d. 15th June 1918 age 25, son of Mr Arthur F. and Mrs Clara A. Loram, Aldens Farm, Alphington.
Claude De N. Lucas - Lieutenant Claude de Neufville Lucas Royal Navy HMS Indefatigable d. 31st May 1916 age 23 Battle of Jutland, son of Lieutenant Colonel Henry Frank E. and Kate Alman Lucas, brother of Harold Clement Montague Lucas
John B. Lucas - John Bartholomew Lucas driver Royal Army Service Corps 238th H.T. Coy d. 20th December 1918 age 26, son of Frank and Frances Louise Lucas, 1 Springfield, Alphington.
Harold C. M. Lucas - Lieutenant Harold Clement Montague Lucas 2nd Gurkhas Rifles King Edwards Own d. 2nd November 1914 age 38, son of Lieutenant Colonel Henry Frank E. and Kate Alman Lucas, Dunchideock, brother of Claude, husband of Mrs D. M. Lucas, Gaynes Park, Epping, Essex.
Samuel Mitchell - Private Samuel Mitchell Devonshire Regiment 1st/4th Battalion d. 29th September 1916 age 31, son of Richard and Elizabeth Mitchell, Exe View Cottage, Alphington, brother of William Mitchell.
William H. Mitchell - Private William Henry Mitchell Devonshire Regiment 1st Battalion d. 30th October 1914 age 32, son of Richard and Elizabeth Mitchell, Exe View Cottage, Alphington, brother of Samuel Mitchell.
George T. Milton - Marine George T. Milton 2nd Royal Marine Light Infantry d. 26th October 1917 age 21, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Milton, Clapperbrook Cottage, Alphington.
Charles Paddon - Lance Sergeant Charles Paddon Royal Army Ordnance Corps No. 7 Company d. 30th December 1917 age 38,
James R. Rowe - Petty Officer James Robert Rowe Royal Navy HMS Monmouth d. 1st November 1914 age 32, husband of Lucy, 18 Cross View, Alphington.
Walter Selley - Private Walter John Selley The Scots Guards 1st Battalion d. 27th September 1918 age 32, son of George and Alice Selley, 6 Lower Shillingford..
William J. Shepherd - Private William John Sheperd Worcestershire Regiment 4th Battalion d. 18th April 1918 age 35, husband Alice Maude Shepherd, 9 Lower Shillingford, Alphington.
Henry B. Smith-Rewse - Major Henry Bingham Whistler Smith-Rewse Royal Field Artillery 51st Battery 36th Brigade d. 22nd November 1914 age 37, son of Colonel Henry Smith Rewse and late Florence Smith-Rewse, The Lodge, Alphington, brother of Meyrick.
Meyrick B. Smith-Rewse - Lieutenant Meyrick B. W. Smith-Rewse Canadian Infantry 8th Battalion d. 22nd May 1919 age 27, son of Colonel Henry Smith Rewse and late Florence Smith-Rewse, The Lodge, Alphington, brother of Henry.
William E. Stephens - Lance Corporal William Ernest Stephens Royal Berkshire Regiment 2nd Battalion d. 23rd September 1918 age 23 son of George and Elizabeth Stephens, Matford Cottage.
Michael L. West - Michael Leonard West Boy 1st class Royal Navy HMS Vikner d. 13th January 1915 age 18, son of William and Bessie West, Swiss Cottage, Alphington, brother of William.
William H. West - Private William Henry West Devonshire Regiment 1st Battalion d. 25th September 1918 age 23, son of William and Bessie West, Swiss Cottage, Alphington, brother of Michael.
Frederick J. Westcott - Private Frederick John West Army Veterinary Corps 4th Reserve Vet. Hospital Bulford d. 25th November 1917 age 21, son of George Richard and Kate Westcott 1, Caroline Place, Alphington.

Grant them O Lord eternal rest


Daniel Caseley - Daniel Harold John Caseley d. 23rd May 1945 age 17, son Mr and Mrs Jack Caseley, 3 Devonia Terrace, Alphington.
James Coombe - James Henry Coombe Royal Navy gunner HMS Hunter d. 10th April 1940, son of James and Mary Kate Coombe.
Ian Craig - Second Lieutenant Ian Neville Craig Royal Armoured Corps 10th Royal Hussars d. 25th October 1942, son of Dr Roy Neville and Kathleen Craig, The Lodge, Alphington
Douglas Edyvean - Flight Lt Douglas Edyvean Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserved pilot Flight Lieutenant 219 Squadron d. 11th July 1944, son of George and Ida Edyvean, husband of Jeanne Edyvean of St Thomas.
George Ford - Air craftsman George Ford R.A.F. burial August 1940 age 20, son of the late Mr J Ford and Mrs Ellen Ford
Ronald Franklyn - Pilot Officer Ronald Thomas Franklin Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve d. 22nd July 1941 age 21, son of Herbert and Ethel Frankllin, Osbourne Cottage, Alphington.
Kenneth Little - Sergeant Kenneth William Arthur Little Royal Air Force Wireless Operator/Air Gunner 58 Squadron Royal Air Force, son of William and Winifred Little, Ventlake, Ide Lane, Alphington 14th November 1940, son of William and Winifred Little.
Moulding - Lieutenant Harry Graham Moulding Penang and Province Wellesley Volunteer Corps 3rd Battalion d. 3rd August 1943 age 37, son of Thomas and Helen Moulding, husband of Rachel Mary Moulding of North Allerton.
Albert Rogers - Petty Officer Frederick Albert Rogers Royal Navy HMS Diamond d. 27th April 1941 age 38, son of Frederick George and Caroline Ellen Rogers, 11 Midway Terrace, Alphington.

Devon's 2nd Boer War Roll of Honour 1899–1902

Corporal William H. Frost of the Devonshire Regiment. Son of Henry and Mary Frost. Born in Alphington in 1873. Taken prisoner at the Battle of Colenso and released from Pretoria in June 1900.

From Hele's school War Memorial 1914–1918

'Live Thou for England – We for England died'
To the proud and glorious memory of the old boys of this school who fell in the World Wars 1914–1918 and 1939–1945. For God, King and Country they gave their all. Semper Fidelis
Lance Corporal Frederick John Loram (Fred) of the 1st Battalion Regiment. Son of E. T. and A. M. Loram of Sobey's Farm, Alphington. Born 1893, died 4th October 1917 aged 24.

Private Douglas Fredrick Evans of the 2nd/12th Division of the Australian Infantry (he held Australian citizenship). Son of Hugh and Esther Evans of Alphington. Born 1904 died 20th January 1943 aged 38.

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