Shillingford Hill

At the end of the First World War land was purchased by the Ministry of Pensions on which to build houses for ex-service men and their families.

In 1921/1922 ten semi-detached houses were built on Shillingford Hill. The houses had gas lighting and bathrooms but no sewers so the toilets were situated in the back garden. Electricity and sewers were connected between 1930 and 1940.

Each house had approximately two acres of land and this was developed into small holdings. Pigs and poultry were kept and the produce was sold locally.

In the 1930s houses were built on the opposite side of the road.

The old Shillingford Hill road had flint stones rolled into it. On dry days clouds of dust was produced when the few motorcycles and cars drove along the road. Two motorcycles were ridden by the Paul brothers and the first car in Shillingford Hill was owned by Mr J. Turner who kept a piggery and grew tomatoes.

The view from the top of Shillingford Hill
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In time the men living in the original ten semi-detached houses were unable to work the land as they wished due to such things as old age and ill health. The small holdings eventually were taken over by Devon County Council and gradually the land at the rear of the houses became part of Alden's Farm.



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